Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Marylebone, Regent's Park, Central London

How will your journey begin?

Hello and a very warm welcome to my website. I am a cognitive hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach based in Central London, within walking distance of Regent's Park.

I am a Quest Institute trained cognitive hypnotherapist based in Central London and I offer help for a variety of conditions such as performance stress management, OCD, weight loss, addictions, fears and phobias and stress and anxiety conditions.

Have you been struggling with a particular issue?

Do you want to discover the authentic you?

If so, then you have taken the first step on your journey towards what I hope will be a happy and fulfilling future for you. I am passionate about helping people to live their lives authentically which means, living a life that makes you happy and reflects the choices you want to make.

I want to see how I can help you live your life to the fullest which means - having the most fun and happiness being who you want to be!

I look forward to working with you on what I hope will be a rewarding and fascinating adventure to becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

How can I help?

I am a performance stress management consultant and I can also offer cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP coaching for public speaking events, interview and exam nerves and musical performance. If you feel like you would benefit from some support in reaching your goal, then please get in touch to see how I can help you.

I offer packages for companies (including workshops, talks and one day seminars) and for individuals who want to improve their performance and their ability to manage stress in high pressure environments.

Coming from a classical music training background, I understand what it is like to work in high pressured and stressful environments and my training over many years enabled me to develop valuable skills that helped me to achieve my goals not just as a musician, but in many different areas within my work and personal life.

I also have a background in luxury retail management and have worked in high pressured, target driven environments as well as having held private household managerial positions where learning to achieve excellence is the key to success.

I love what I do and that is my aim for you! Life is to be enjoyed and lived to the full and why wouldn't you want to be anything else but the best person you can be?

To learn more about Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, just watch the following video:

Taking the first step

Choosing the right hypnotherapist is an important decision for you so feel free to give me a ring for a friendly chat or email me to discuss your requirements before booking.

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_'For a long time, I struggled terribly with IBS when I thought about having to travel anywhere by plane and since I have worked with Christina, I have felt so much better! I have not had any issue since and I now enjoy travelling which is something I did not think possible.

Thank you!_' (IBS)

_'Since working with Christina, my acid reflux has lessened in intensity. This was a condition that occured regularly after qutting smoking eating certain foods and after a couple of sessions, I noticed an improvement. Meal times are more enjoyable.

Thanks again!'_ (Acid Reflux)

'Christina really understood my particular issue from the moment we first met. I'd been struggling to feel calm, focused and confident at work (and in my life) and desperately needed help managing my anxieties. The NLP tools I took away from her were invaluable - although they require daily practice, the brief moments of calm and clarity during our three sessions are still enough to keep me going.'

(Performance Stress Management)

'Having experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the better part of three months, I found it helpful having someone to talk to about my problems. The exercises are helpful, need more time with them, keep trying.'

(Confidence and Self-esteem).