Professional Reiki Courses & Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Marylebone, Regent's Park, Central London

Hello and a very warm welcome to my website!

I am reiki master/teacher with western and Japanese lineage and a Quest Institute trained cognitive hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner based in Central London and online.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with emotional and personal difficulties currently, know you are not alone. Sometimes we just need to be heard and understood and the therapy I provide can help create a safe space for you to just be as you are. We are all human beings and life can get messy, complicated and confusing and sometimes just being able to reach out to someone who is listening can really make a difference.

What solutions do I provide?:

I teach reiki courses from shoden to master/teacher level to help students become empowered in managing their own mental health, self-care and general wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of learning reiki are:

Reduced levels of anxiety
Happier and more positive outlook
More able to manage stress
Greater mental clarity and improved focus

I provide ongoing and life long support for all reiki students as they progress through each degree. The reiki journey is unique to you and you may feel comfortable staying at shoden level or you may want to gradually work up to the reiki master/teacher degree. There is no time frame for your growth and development and everyone progresses in their own way. That is the beauty of it!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

As a cognitive hypnotherapist, I work with anxiety disorders and I specialise in the treatment of OCD anxiety.

Why I chose to train as a therapist:

Quite simply - I love helping people to live a life that makes them truly happy. I do this by empowering them with the tools they need to manage their anxieties so they can begin living a life they really love.

I have learned to overcome obsessive compulsive disorder myself with the help of cognitive hypnotherapy which has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I am living proof that change is possible!

I work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan which supports your own individual needs.

How do I begin?:

I am currently offering a free 30 minute initial consultation for cognitive hypnotherapy to discuss the issue in more depth. This would be your chance to ask any questions you have about cognitive hypnotherapy and to see if it would be the right approach for you.

I specialise in working with people who are experiencing OCD anxiety and performance stress management issues such as public speaking, exam nerves, work/life balance issues, social anxiety and musical performance.

I am offering a FREE initial consultation for anyone who is struggling with anxiety and OCD anxiety in particular. Lockdown has seen a massive increase in mental health issues and please do feel free to reach out if things in your life situation are getting too much to cope with.


''Change your thoughts and you change your world.''

(Norman Vincent Peale).

To learn more about Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, just watch the following video:

Book your free initial consultation

Choosing the right hypnotherapist is an important decision for you and you can book your free, no obligation, initial consultation with me to discuss your requirements.

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