Reiki, Therapy & Coaching in Mayfair, Central London

Hello and a very warm welcome!

My name is Christina McDonald and I am a reiki master/teacher with western and Japanese lineage. I offer reiki training and treatments in Central London and online.

Reiki Treatments:

Some of the benefits you may experience from receiving reiki are:

  • Increases in relaxation
  • Happer and more positive outlook
  • More able to manage stress
  • Greater mental clarity and improved focus
  • Can help with the reduction of pain and supports the natural healing processes of the body
  • Releasing of old energy blocks
  • Creates balance between mind, body and spirit
  • Can help to release toxins and tensions from the body
  • Supports and enhances personal growth

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Reiki Training

l offer reiki training home study from beginner to master/teacher level and life long support for all students.

I provide ongoing and life long support for all reiki students as they progress through each degree. The reiki journey is unique to you and you may feel comfortable staying at shoden level or you may want to gradually work up to the reiki master/teacher degree. There is no time frame for your growth and development and everyone progresses in their own way. That is the beauty of it!

Booking a Course - Reiki shoden now available!

If you are interested in booking a reiki 1(shoden) course in 2021, please feel free to get in touch to learn more.

To discuss the details further, just click on the link to send me an enquiry:

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Covid-19 restrictions:

For health and safety considerations, I have Covid-19 measures in place for all my services when I eventually begin working one-to-one
with clients. Please see attached form below for your reference:

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