About Me

About Me

My Credentials:

I originally graduated from Queen's University Belfast with an honours degree in music specialising in classical music performance. I have a real love and passion for musical performance and this path of learning was incredibly challenging but very worthwhile!

After I graduated, I moved to London and began developing my skills as a perfomer by going out on my own and performing my own recitals. This was a big (and truly daunting and scary!) step but it was the beginning of my own journey of self-discovery.

Finding the confidence to express myself through musical performance developed the skills and resilience I needed to deal with stress and performance anxiety within a high-pressured environment and I now work with clients who are struggling with similar anxieties.

I am a reiki master/teacher with western and Japanese lineage. I completed my reiki master/teacher training when I was 22 years old. Since then, I have been working on myself and my own personal development for around 16 years and last year, I felt it was time to begin teaching my own students and guiding them on their reiki journey which is an absolute privilege to be able to do.

Reiki has enabled me to offer my services to people who also want to discover a way to heal themselves and become empowered to look after their own well-being. Healing my life with reiki has opened countless doors to other people and new experiences.

I am also a cognitive hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner and I conpleted my training with the Quest Institute under the tutelage of Trevor Silvestor. I am a member of the QCHPA and the National Council for Hypnotherapy and I abide by their code of conduct.

I am fully insured.

Please do give me a call to see how we could work together to make some great, positive changes in your life and find the freedom and healing you deserve!

Please enquire for more details:

Email: enquiries@christinamcd.com
Mob: 07754011497

Commitment to professional development

As a therapist, I am committed to continuing professional development (CPD) and undertake regular training courses to ensure I am up to date with changes in the industry to meet professional requirements.

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About Me