Strengthening your reiki at shoden level

Friday 5th November 2021

There are certain things we can do as students of reiki to make are connection to reiki energy stronger so we are a more effective channel when we treat other people. The most important thing to remember at shoden level is to use the energy as frequently as you can.

Practice mindfulness daily:

This is where remembering the reiki precepts can come in handy:

Just for today:

Do not anger,

Do not worry,

Be honest,

Be humble,

Be compassionate towards yourself and all living beings.

Keeping the precepts in mind can help remind us to stay present and to observe our emotions rather than allow ourselves to be caught up in them.

Practice as much as you can:

There are many ways we can work with reiki in our everyday lives. We could reiki our plants, we could practice with a willing friend or family member who would like to experience some reiki healing, we could reiki our pets and we could even reiki our day! There are so many things we could try but the key is to use it as much as possible so you become an effective channel for the reiki. When we invest in our reiki practice, we will receive the rewards back in some potentially amazing ways!

Perform Hatsurei ho every day:

When we practice Hatsurei, we build up our reiki reserves and the energy can flow more easily when we treat ourselves and other people. If you can do it at least once a day, that is fine. Morning and evening is ideal but just do what you can at the start. It takes quite a lot of practice when we first begin meditation but it's like anything, the more we practice, the easier it will become.

Tune in to the weekly reiju empowerments:

Your reiki teacher usually gives weekly empowerments for students on a certain day each week. Tuning into these enpowerments is really simple and you can receive these empowerments at any time you are available on the designated day. This is a great way to replenish and renew your connection to reiki energy and anyone, anywhere in the world can connect to my empowerments by simply being open with the intention to receive or by saying:

'I am ready to receive my empowerment now.'

Reiki has no boundaries in regards to where we receive it and that is one of the most brilliant things about reiki!

I hope these tips have helped and keep practicing and enjoying the reiki exeperience :)

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