When you feel close to giving up, remember what is possible

Friday 5th November 2021

It has been a hard say the least. 

2020 has been without a doubt, the hardest year of my life for many reasons one of which is trying not to lose faith in humanity and in myself. It can be very hard to keep believing in the goodness of people when so much of the world is awash with the utter derangement of world leaders, polarisation and if you have been watching the news, Tory MP's denying school children the right to free meals. 

What on earth is going on? 

I have wanted to quit on humanity altogether and I cannot recall a time when I felt so depressed with things. Pulling myself out of that feeling has been a struggle to say the least. I have felt powerless, angry, filled with sadness and hopelessness when I see what has happened to the world. What I realised is that we can do something and it starts with us not losing faith in the goodness of people and most importantly, not to give up on ourselves and our dreams.  

I tend to think about Mother Teresa's quote when I feel blue with the world:

'Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.' 

Powerful words.

That is the honest truth and the only thing that has been keeping me going is not giving up on the goodness of people and realising the value of small deeds done with great love. 

What is possible for you today? 

What small act can you do that could make a difference to someone who really needs it? 

So many people are hanging on by a thread and you may just be the one person who could change that for good. If you are in a dark place, you can begin to pull yourself out of it by reaching out in service to someone who really needs it. It could be as simple as a smile or holding a door open for someone.

Help someone in need:

Perhaps someone is unable to get out of their home due to old age or illness to buy groceries and they can't order online. Maybe you could go to the shop for them? You could help ease the burden and worry they may have by doing this simple thing for them, something that many us take for granted. Just giving someone your time may help someone who is struggling not to lose faith.

Look after your own emotional wellbeing:

If you are unable to help someone, looking after your own mental health and giving yourself time to reconnect means you will be more able to help other people when they need you. Do some exercise, meditate, listen to your favourite music, watch a funny film, whatever it takes to come back to you is important for your happiness and mental health. 

Small steps lead to goals being accomplished:

Even if you don't feel you are making progress, you are if you are still moving forward each day. It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop. Whether it is a personal fitness goal or you are writing a book, do what you can and allow it to suffice.

When you feel hopeless, remember there is always hope:

They say the darkest hour is always before the dawn. The phrase to remember is:

 'Keep going.' 

If things don't seem to be happening, maybe the timing isn't right. Just keep doing what you can and leave out 'should'. Feeling that we should be further on than what we are can make us feel more frustrated, stressed and burned out than we need to be.

Remember that there are good people in the world doing good things. We may not hear about it in the news, but they are going on. There are more good people out there doing what they can to make the world a better place than we realise and that's what we need to keep in mind. It's not all doom and gloom. What good you can do has more of a positive impact than you could imagine. When you throw a pebble into a lake, the ripples spread outward for a long time to come. 

Let those ripples be love. 

© Christina McDonald 2020.