How to overcome OCD anxiety by surrendering

Friday 5th November 2021

When it comes to healing from OCD anxiety, becoming comfortable with uncertainty is one of the keys to overcoming it.

We cannot control outcomes depending on whether or not we perform compulsions in relation to the obsessions we have. Uncertainty is the only truth we have in this life.

Over the years, I have come to realise that uncertainty can be our ally. I challenge you to think about what uncertainty means to you - is there anything you like about it or are attracted to within it?

Uncertainty can be exciting and can also create a feeling of embarking on an adventure each day.

Within uncertainty, there are many possibilities to be found and we may have multiple options and choices which in turn, gives us more freedom to explore and be spontaneous.

The creative potential of uncertainty is directly related to life's mystery. When we admit that we don't know and that we don't have all the answers, we become open to the flow of life and able to create whatever we want on the blank canvas we have been given from our birth. We can draw with every crayon in the box if we so wish- not just one or two colours. The more colours we use, the more beautiful our life becomes.

The message is - we can finally choose to live when we decide to be comfortable with uncertainty.

There is nothing black or white. Nothing is definite and nothing is forever.

Life is constantly changing.

What are the positive aspects of uncertainty for you?

When we embrace the unknown, we give ourselves freedom to be ourselves. We greatly reduce our potential by limiting ourselves to being certain. Needing to be definite about life and being intensely structured about things restricts our capacity to adapt and to be flexible. We don't grow in the ways we need to because we are too busy planning each moment of our lives around the narrative of OCD anxiety.

When we allow ourselves to be uncertain, life takes on a magical quality. We can be open to the universe more and engage with the energetic flow of our lives. Everything has a beautiful and unlimited potential.

When we open ourselves up to uncertainty, we begin to dance with life in an effortless way. Life begins to work for us and not against us because we are choosing to embrace the beauty of the unknown.

The potential of our lives is truly limitless. We can choose how to harness that potential and perception is the key is healing OCD anxiety.

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