Why we need to remember to work with what is...

Friday 19th November 2021

Meet yourself where you are currently at in order to heal and take the next step.

When we work with what comes up, we are able to heal at our own pace. We don't have to have it figured out all at once. Healing and growth happens when it happens. It isn't something that can be rushed. Getting frustrated with ourselves is only going to make the entire process harder. When we feel we 'should be' doing better than we currently are, we are denying the reality of the present moment. We can only work from the place we are in currently and from there, we can build on that foundation.

Sometimes it may feel like you are not making a lot of progress in therapy but you actually are. Your unconscious mind is busy processing information subtly and gradually and change happens slowly. The most important thing to remember is to keep going and to keep persevering. It isn't obvious to us that plants and trees are growing around us - but they are. If you come back in a few weeks or in a month's time, you will see just how much things have changed and there may be a huge explosion of colour and beauty where there was none before!

Just because you don't see it happening in front of you doesn't mean it isn't. You grow in ways you may not recognise at first and it is only looking back that you see how far you have come! Change comes slowly and it may seem like two steps forward and three back sometimes (and especially at the beginning) but when we keep going forward and working with what comes up emotionally, we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to grow.

If we see ourselves as a part of nature, we understand that nature will take its course. Forcing the outcome is only going to set us back and make us feel like everything we try to do, doesn't work out in the way it's supposed to. Projecting our own favourable outcome on the situation might actually be blocking a better outcome from emerging. Learning to go with the flow, like a meandering river taking it's course will mean that the path of least resistance will come into effect.

We can so easily 'get in our own way' as it were if we keep hanging on when we should let go. In some ways, we don't choose our path - the path chooses us if we can just be open to trusting the universe for long enough!

©️ Copyright Christina McDonald 2021