When narcissists come back....

Sunday 2nd January 2022

After a prolonged period of absence from your life, there is usually a very good chance that they will come back hoovering at some point. This is inevitable. Narcissists like to keep old supply in the background of their life in order to keep control of what they may see as a potentially volatile situation if they have lost control over you and the the events surrounding them. This will be due to the fact that you saw through their fragile facade only to be met with the lies they told you over and over again and walked away - a HUGE threat to their ego and crazy narrative.

If they cheated on you and had numerous supply while they were with you, chances are you only saw the truth when it was too late. They had moved on from you when you were blissfully unaware of what they were doing and who they were with. If it ended badly, they will not forget this and come back into your life to sweet talk you and to try and play the 'friendship' card - this is just a ploy to keep control.

Don't be fooled by this false pretence. They are still the same deceiver they always were. All the while, they will have been smearing your name to anyone bothered to listen (most likely new supply they are in the process of conning). Narcissists make the classic mistake of thinking nobody else is smarter or more knowledgable than them. Their behaviour is predictable and easy to spot if you know how their mind works and what their habits are. Narcissists repeat exactly the same cycles of abuse with new supply and it quite simply doesn't change. Those repetitive cycles of behaviour are all they have to keep their false self stable.

The narcissist's hoover is all about control. They only want to keep tabs on you because they may be lacking in supply and would like your attention every now and again to keep their ego afloat. They could be enraged and jealous that you walked away from them and are desperate to reel you into their mind games and drama again. Maybe they hate the fact that you are doing well now or they are afraid of what you might say to someone about the abuse you endured. These are some of the reasons narcissists come back - and it isn't because they feel the slightest bit of remorse for what they've done.

They don't!

They are always the victim...

But you don't have to be!

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