Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments/how reiki can help you

Reiki Treatments:

I offer reiki treatments in person and remotely. This is a wonderful way to connect with yourself again and to let go of stress, tension and anxiety. Reiki loosely translated means 'universal life energy' and is channelled to the client to help create balance and promote general wellbeing.

Some of the benefits you may experience from receiving reiki are:

Increases in relaxation

Happier and more positive outlook

More able to manage anxiety and stress

Greater mental clarity and improved focus

Can help with the reduction of pain and supports the natural healing processes of the body

Releasing of old energy blocks

Creates balance between mind, body and spirit

Can help to release toxins from the body

Supporting and enhancing personal growth

Are there any side-effects or known contraindications to receving reiki?

Receiving reiki is perfectly safe and it always supports the highest good of the recipient. There are no side-effects or contraindications known. If you are diabetic, your blood sugar levels may fluctuate after treatment so just continue to monitor as usual.

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