Remote Reiki Treatments & Distant Healing

Remote Reiki Treatments & Distant Healing

I offer both remote reiki treatments and distant healing.

When it comes to receiving reiki from a distance, please note there is a very clear distinction between remote reiki treatments and distant healing:

Remote reiki treatments means the practitioner is directly connecting to and engaging with the client's energy field using a variety of standard hand positions over a longer period of time (around 40 minutes to an hour).

Distant healing is sent in a more general way (more similar to a prayer) and does not require the practitioner to treat the client as would be the case in a remote treatment.

Covid-19 restrictions:

For health and safety considerations, I have Covid-19 measures in place for all my services when I eventually begin working one-to-one
with clients. Please see the attached form at the bottom of the homepage for your reference.


Receiving reiki is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis and nor does it guarantee any cure. Please refer to your GP in such instances. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose any medical conditions.

If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels may fluctuate after a reiki treatment so you should monitor them accordingly.

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