Reiki Courses & Treatments

Professional Reiki Courses & Treatments

Professional reiki courses and treatments

I also teach reiki courses from shoden to master/teacher level to help students become empowered in managing their own mental health, self-care and general wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of learning reiki are:

Reduced levels of anxiety
Happier and more positive outlook
More able to manage stress
Greater mental clarity and improved focus

I provide ongoing and life long support for all reiki students as they progress through each degree. The reiki journey is unique to you and you may feel comfortable staying at shoden level or you may want to gradually work up to the reiki master/teacher degree. There is no time frame for your growth and development and everyone progresses in their own way. That is the beauty of it!

Reiki first degree (Shoden)

The reiki 'shoden' level means 'first teachings' and this level is primarily concerned with self-healing. Students would not have typically treated others at this level. Students introduced to shoden teachings would be focused on learning self-treatment meditations and receiving regular reiju empowerments from their teacher, mindfulness techniques and living the reiki precepts daily.

Reiki second degree (Okuden)

The reiki second degree level (also known as practitioner level or 'Okuden') is where students continue to develop their reiki practice and self-development. They can expand and build on their knowledge from reiki shoden by working with the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki. Developing intuitive ability is also emphasised at this level.

Reiki Master/Teacher degree (Shinpiden)

The reiki master/teacher degree is where you learn about western attunements, the different connections rituals, different reiki symbols, the kotodama and how to perform reiju empowerments. Working with intent and intuition as well as general treatment approaches is also part of the course material.

Booking a Course

If you are interested in booking a reiki 1(shoden) course in 2021, please feel free to get in touch to learn more. I accept payment via bank transfer.

Course Materials and Audio CDs

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive your course materials from me via post as soon as possible. I aim to have course materials sent out to students within 48 hours after receiving payment.

Remote reiju empowerments

You will also be receiving weekly remote reiju empowerments which I send out on the Monday of every week.

Student support group

You will also be able to join a Facebook reiki student support group as you progress so matter where you are in the world, you can join a growing, supportive reiki community.

Reiki Shares

You will also have the opportunity to participate in reiki shares where you can receive an empowerment and a treatment from your fellow reiki students/practitioners. This is also a place where you can ask any questions you may have or share feedback from your experiences.

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