Some of the benefits of reiki treatments include:

May be able to help you relax more easily

May create ability to deal with stress more effectively

Can help to create balance

May be able to support the natural healing processes of the body and immune system function

May be able to help increase feelings of happiness and positivity

May help you to feel grounded, focused and more centered

May help to provide pain relief

May improve sleep

May help release emotional blockages

May help improve concentration and memory


Can reiki do harm?

Reiki can only ever work towards your highest good. It is an intelligent energy and will only flow to where it is needed most. Sometimes reiki can trigger what we describe as a temporary healing crisis as the reiki redirects you into a state of balance. This can sometimes make clients feel emotional, tearful, etc. or they could have a period of lots of emotional ups and downs after a treatment but again, this is only temporary as any imbalances are brought into alignment.

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