I have been fortunate to receive some wonderful testimonials from clients I have worked with. Supporting them as they worked through their obstacles has been a privilege and I would love to help you do the same.


"I recently had a virtual coaching session with Christina which was very helpful.  
Christina is personable, knowledgeable, professional and sweet.  I felt comfortable opening up about my problems as she listened attentively and offered me helpful tools and support moving forward.  I highly recommend Chistina's services if you are seeking positive, relatable, and insightful guidance. I appreciate her blend of practical application and industry-proven techniques to create healing and positive transformation.Thank you Christina for being so kind and supportive!  10/10"

NLP Relationship Coaching Session

"I just had my first session with Christina. Within 30 minutes of the conversation, we had unearthed and healed some root issues that I wasn't even aware existed. I usually feel awkward/nervous when meeting people for the first time-Christina brought a sense of calm energy to the conversation, and she was so easy to talk to. I am incredibly grateful, and will continue to see Christina to work on blockages that are preventing me from living my best life. Thank You."

NLP Coaching Session - Social Anxiety

"Even after my first session with Christina, I felt a million times better. Christina immediately made me feel at ease and really understood the way I was feeling. With the tools I now possess after 3 sessions, I feel ready to tackle any anxieties that I may have and am looking forward to seeing myself progress even more each day. Although I practice some of the techniques daily, it is a window within my day that I always look forward to and wouldn't dream of skipping. Thank you!"

OCD Anxiety

"Working with Christina has been great and I'm finding that some of the tools of cognitive hypnotherapy are enabling me to take a calmer and focused view on my situation. It's helping me to take manageable steps to address my problems concerning OCD. Christina is professional in her approach and combines this with insight, understanding and compassion. I'm glad I did this."

OCD Anxiety

''Christina really understood my particular issue from the moment we first met. I'd been struggling to feel calm, focused and confident at work (and in my life) and desperately needed help managing my anxieties. The NLP tools I took away from her were invaluable - although they require daily practice, the brief moments of calm and clarity during our three sessions are still enough to keep me going.''

Performance Stress Management

"Having experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the better part of three months, I found it helpful having Christina to talk to about my problems. The exercises are helpful."

Confidence and self-esteem

I had my first remote reiki healing with Christina and it has really blown my mind. Lucky for me, it was right before the weekend so I could take a bit of time to process the healing that took place. It is difficult to put into words, but I feel much more solid in myself after the session. I'd been feeling sad and a bit lost due to lockdown, but this really got me back on track. Now I feel more energised and motivated, happy. I didn't know what to expect but I highly recommend Christina's remote healing sessions.

Thank you so much 😊

Remote Reiki Treatment - UK

I was fortunate to receive a distance reiki session from Christina. Although I'm also a reiki practitioner, I was desperate to have someone nurture me for a change! I could feel the energy immediately, and it was the most blissful and restorative hour. Just what I needed, as I've been feeling so tired and stressed during lockdown.

Remote Reiki Treatment Winchester, UK

"The session with Christina was amazing. I felt calmer and lighter once the session was done. Thank you so much!"

Remote Reiki Treatment, NYC