How to be human in an increasingly inhumane world

Thursday 15th October 2020

I tend not to watch the news very much anymore and I am very selective about what I read on social media. Maybe I am too sensitive for my own good but it really gets me down and I usually end up feeling very angry due to the sense of injustice I feel at what's happening in the world and with UK politics in particular. I just cannot get my head around how apparently insane things have become. Perhaps it is the effect of Covid-19 and lockdown but I feel myself struggling to be compassionate when there seems to be so much negativity and doom and gloom everywhere you look. Society is becoming increasingly polarised and it is fuelling discontent on a massive scale. This is a global issue currently. 

Humanity seems to undergoing a huge transition currently but into what - remains to be seen. There is a huge opportunity to change things for the better as bleak as the outlook seems on a daily basis. There are so many reasons to be angry at how the government have been 'handling' Brexit, Covid-19, mass employment, funding cuts, restrictions on our everyday movements, etc. I could go on but I would rather look at the most important issue which is - how do we keep our humanity when so much seems to be goading us into anger, frustration and division?

Practice Gratitude:

Thinking of 3 things we can be grateful for everyday can help us to appreciate what we have and create abundance. Just having a roof over our heads, having someone at home who we love, our health, clean water and food can put any issues we have into stark perspective. There is so much to be so grateful for even with the world descending into chaos. If we practice gratitude everyday, we are ensuring that we looking after our own emotional needs in the form of self-care as well as opening our hearts to the people in our lives who support us. 

Take Action:

Remember that change starts with you. We can always fall into the trap of being ELOC (which is the external locus of control) rather than (ILOC), the internal locus of control. When we start doing things that can potentially help other people, we start empowering ourselves and the people around us by showing them what CAN be achieved when we put our minds to it. That is the way to inspire change in the world. Be the change and hopefully other people will follow your example.

Random Act of Kindness:

Helping someone else in need is a great way to connect and to make a difference in their life. This can improve mental health by reducing stress and boosting our emotional wellbeing. When we give unconditionally, we live from the heart. Just being able to care for someone who needs us is a privilege in itself. To be of service in a world that currently sees people to be used is so important. We are not merely commodities and slaves to the monetary system. We are human beings and when we act as such, we strengthen our humanity together. 

Forgive yourself and others:

Let go of any perceived grievances and anger you may feel towards people in your life. When we hold on to anger, we only hurt ourselves and not the people who our anger is directed towards. This one takes practice! I haven't fully mastered the art of this yet. The divine spark is in our worst enemy and in the people who have hurt us the most. Training ourselves to see that their behaviour is a reflection of the pain they are going through takes time but when you can get to that stage, it becomes easier to see the humanity in that person.

 © Christina McDonald 2020.

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