The benefits of reiki...

Reiki Treatments:

Reiki is a form of energy healing and loosely translated means 'universal life energy.' Reiki is channelled to the client to help create balance and promote general wellbeing. I offer reiki treatments in person and remotely. This is a wonderful way to connect with yourself again and to let go of stress, tension and anxiety.

Some of the benefits you may experience from receiving reiki are:

Promotes and increases deep relaxation

Can help create a happier and more positive outlook

Improved and more restorative sleep

Can help with the reduction of pain, anxiety and depression and supports the natural healing processes of the body

Releasing of old energy blocks

Helps to create balance between mind, body and spirit and enhances psychological and physical wellbeing

Supporting and enhancing personal growth

If you are thinking about reiki training, booking a reiki treatment for yourself, or a course of treatments would be a good idea beforehand so you can experience the benefits of reiki for yourself and how it can help you begin to heal.

Are there any side-effects or known contraindications to receving reiki?

Receiving reiki is perfectly safe and it always supports the highest good of the recipient. There are no side-effects or contraindications known. If you are diabetic, your blood sugar levels may fluctuate after treatment so just continue to monitor as usual.

After treatment, remember to stay hydrated and please ensure you feel grounded again before operating heavy machinery. There may be a period of 'clearing out' after receiving reiki so just be aware of any emotional ups and downs for a little while afterwards. This should settle down shortly.

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