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Reiki training - now available!

Learning reiki takes you on a life long journey of self-discovery and growth. I have been practicing reiki for many years now and it is something that I continue to love sharing with the world! I offer training on a one-to-one basis in an atmospheric and tranquil space at at the Light Centre in Marylebone. One-to-one training means you can work in a way that is completely suited to your personal needs and schedule and it gives you a lot more flexibility to study at your own pace.

Course structure - how it all works!

I am currently offering reiki training on a one to one basis from beginner to master/teacher level and small online classes (no more than 1-4 students) and life long support for all students.

After receiving the attunements, there will also be an opportunity to partner up with a fellow student so you can both practice giving and receiving a reiki treatment either in person or remotely. You will also receive a reiki treatment from me.

A unique experience:

I really want your reiki journey to be as special and as enjoyable as possible and this way of one-to-one learning will enable me to devote all of my time to your personal experience and I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have as you progress through your studies during and outside of your scheduled sessions.

Life long support:

I provide ongoing and life long support for all reiki students as they progress through each degree. The reiki journey is unique to you and you may feel comfortable staying at shoden level or you may want to gradually work up to the reiki master/teacher degree. There is no time frame for your growth and development and everyone progresses in their own way. That is the beauty of it!

My training:

As a reiki master/teacher, I have both western and and Japanese lineage. I completed my reiki master/teacher degree when I was in my early twenties with Tina Shaw of 'Absolute Reiki' who is my own teacher and mentor and now being able to teach reiki and attune new students is a truly wonderful experience! I am fully insured to practice and teach reiki.

Booking a Course - Reiki shoden

If you are interested in booking the reiki shoden course, please feel free to reserve your place on the booking page. Reiki home study and one-to-one reiki training is available in London at the Marylebone Light Centre.

Course Materials and MP3 Downloads

Upon receipt of payment, your course is booked! You will receive your course material in advance via post before the day and also a digital download of the course manual and reiki audio MP3's for your reference before the course begins.

Remote reiju empowerments and weekly distant healing

You will also be receiving weekly remote reiju empowerments which I send out on the Monday of every week after 10.00am which you can connect to anytime that day and all students who have trained with me will also receive reiki healing at 7.00pm every Wednesday. If you are a reiki practitioner, you are welcome to send to the group along with me as well.

Student support group

Reiki Shares

You will also have the opportunity to participate in reiki shares where you can receive an empowerment and a treatment from your fellow reiki students/practitioners. This is also a place where you can ask any questions you may have or share feedback from your experiences.

The Three Reiki Degrees

Reiki first degree (Shoden)

The reiki 'shoden' level means 'first teachings' and this level is primarily concerned with self-healing. Students would not have typically treated others at this level. Students introduced to shoden teachings would be focused on learning self-treatment meditations and receiving regular reiju empowerments from their teacher, mindfulness techniques and living the reiki precepts daily.

Reiki second degree (Okuden)

The reiki second degree level (also known as practitioner level or 'Okuden') is where students continue to develop their reiki practice and self-development. They can expand and build on their knowledge from reiki shoden by working with the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki. Developing intuitive ability is also emphasised at this level.

Reiki Master/Teacher degree (Shinpiden)

The reiki master/teacher degree is where you learn about western attunements, the different connections rituals, different reiki symbols, the kotodama and how to perform reiju empowerments. Working with intent and intuition as well as general treatment approaches is also part of the course material.

Going with the flow:

As we are living in increasingly uncertain times and emerging from the pandemic, this way of working is also preferable for students who are maybe concerned or anxious about any personal health issues in light of Covid-19. It is a way that I hope will enable potential students to be able to continue studying in a way that is flexible and accommodates their own daily schedules without feeling overly concerned about being exposed to the virus.

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Reiki Training