Remote Reiki Treatments & Distant Healing

I offer both remote reiki treatments and distant healing.

When it comes to receiving reiki from a distance, please note there is a very clear distinction between remote reiki treatments and distant healing:

Remote reiki treatments means the practitioner is directly connecting to and engaging with the client's energy field over a longer period of time (around 40 minutes to an hour). Distant healing is sent in a more general way (more similar to a prayer) and does not require the practitioner to treat the client as would be the case in a remote treatment.

Distant healing is always free of charge but I know sometimes people like to give something back for receiving distance healing in the form of an 'energy exchange' so if you feel you would like to make a small donation, you are very welcome to do so via the link below:


Receiving reiki is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis and nor does it guarantee any cure. Please refer to your GP in such instances. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose any medical conditions.

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