Break the trauma bond after narcissistic abuse

I work with clients to help them break the trauma bond so they can live a life free from emotional abuse. It is entirely possible to heal from this as difficult or as hopeless as you may currently feel. The methods and techniques I use will help you to heal from deep within so you can let go of limiting beliefs and old traumas that are keeping you tied to the narcissist. It can be a scary and overwhelming time when you are overcoming the effects of abuse and dealing with a discard but there is a way to reclaim your inner power and voice after abuse.

💥Do you keep getting triggered by a narcissist?

💥Do you fall prey to their hoover attempts and keep going back to them?

💥Do you spend hours, days or maybe weeks ruminating and obsessing about them?

💥Do you feel like you endlessly justify their appalling actions because you feel you can't be without them even though they are abusing you constantly? (Cognitive dissonance).

💥Are you afraid to move in any direction and make choices for yourself because you are afraid of what the narcissist will do to you next?

💥Are you scared to leave them because they've told you that you will never survive on your own without them?

💥Is the narcissist smearing your name right now and you're afraid nobody will believe what happened to you?

If so, the coaching I offer can help support and guide you out of the emotional maze of destruction from narcissistic abuse so you can heal for good!

Don't suffer in silence any longer...

Imagine being free, happy, confident and able to live life on your own terms's an AMAZING DAY when there is no trauma left for a narcissist to trigger you - and it is possible!

I provide coaching for narcissistic abuse exclusively online to anywhere in the world. Sessions can be booked individually at £120.00 per hour or you can book a coaching programme of 6 sessions for just £595.00! Weekly and monthly instalment plans are available.